We are Emmy and Marcus, a Swedish couple from Malmö. 

We have both always loved sailing and dreamt about one day sailing around the world. 

Our paths crossed early through scouting, and for many years we simply just existed in the same group of friends not giving each other much thought. Our first solo sail together was in 2016, after our frieds ditched us because of “the bad weather”. Lucky us we decided to go anyway! 

The first two summers together we sailed around with Marcus’ previous boat Xperia, visiting first Germany and then Denmark. It was during the second summer, in 2018, that the dream of a larger boat took hold. We wanted to extend our trips, and to see more of the world than just the countries closest to home. 

In the spring of 2019 we bought Linnea as a start of our adventures together. Today we have left the comforts of the apartment, to live full time aboard our boat. 


I have been sailing since I was a little kid. I grew up close to the sea and loved coming along whenever my dad decided to get out on the water. As I grew older, I joined the sea scouts and eventually also started racing. After doing military service I bought my first sail boat, an Albin Express from 1979 that I namned Xperia. I spent a good 10 years renovating her, upgrading everything, and taking her out on adventures around the coasts of Sweden, Denmark and Germany. She will always be special, and it was with a heavy heart that I now sold her. She gave me a lot of experience when it comes to boat fixing and renovation, which is very helpful now that we are doing so much work on Linnea. 

I spent 4 years studying in Kalmar, and have a degree in Marine Science. Today I work as a power grid engineer here in Malmö. 


When I was little I thought that everyone who sailed wanted to someday cross the Atlantic. I grew up in a family without sea legs, and it was not until I joned the sea scouts that I sailed for the first time. As I grew older, I spent all my free time in the harbour in Skanör sailing, scouting or just hanging with friends. 

I have a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from Lund University. Today I work as a design engineer in medtech. That experience have been used to create this website.