Applying Coppercoat

This is our tips and tricks for applying Coppercoat. It covers the application and tips for really activating the anti-fouling properties.

Hull reinforcements and repairs

Fairing compound looks like chocolate cake

We had some reinforcements we wanted to do while working on the hull. This means glasfiber work, grinding, sanding, fairing.

Removing old anti-fouling

Removing old paint, halfway done

We are switching from traditional anti fouling to CopperCoat. The first step was to remove all the old paint and barrier coating.

Being up on land in the summer

Linnea hanging from the crane

We decided to take this summer to put Linnea up on the hard. We often get the question to why we decided to do this in the middle of sailing season.

Buying a used watermaker

Our watermaker

Buying a used watermaker might have been the most stupid thing we have done, or one of the smartest. It took us a lot of work to get it to run.

Bed ventilation, our cheap DIY solution

Building our own slatted frame

Providing good ventilation under the bed has been one of the most challenging parts of living aboard during the winter. Step by step we have added solutions and finally believe we have found something that works.