We decided to take this summer to put Linnea up on the hard. We often get the question to why we decided to do this in the middle of sailing season, and there are actually several reasons for this. First of all, the climate aboard would have been much worse if it was colder and constantly more rain. Secondly, this way we are able to lend equipment from boat neighbours like supports, and ladders. And thirdly, in Sweden it’s definitely easier to find a good weather window for paint jobs during the summer months. 

A long list of things to do

Our main goal is to change to a different kind of antifouling. When doing that it feels like a good idea to make some reinforcements and redo the epoxi barrier in the same time. We are also replacing all the through hulls, so that we can be sure that there is no damage that could cause a potential leak.

One of the first things we noticed when bringer her up on the hard, was that it was dripping water from the rudder even after several hours of being out of the water. This also needs to be fixed, together with checking the rudder bearing as we are taking down the rudder anyway. 

The rig has also been taken down, and we are going to replace the old halyards, and prepare for a solent stay. There have also been problems with the old clutches and it will be the perfect time to replace those as well, so that we can use the new halyards properly. We are also replacing our navigation lights to LED, and installing an AIS onboard, which means new cables and antenna wires. 

Yes, the list goes on and on (and on). We will try to dedicate a separate blog post about each of the major projects, to share our experiences along the way. It will be a lot of work and we really hope that we will finish befor fall arrives so that we’ll get some nice sailing moments this season too. 

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